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The Children's Center believes that preschool children learn by doing. Therefore, we have an active “hands-on” program that provides experiences for children to use all their senses as they develop physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and socially. We believe that the development of a positive self-image is very important at a young age.

The Children’s Center provides developmentally appropriate curriculum for preschool age children in a Christian environment. Activities are planned to enhance a healthy, stimulating, and challenging environment where children can learn through constructive play and social interaction.

Our curriculum includes language development; reading, writing, and math readiness; social studies; science; music; art; and physical education integrated in units of study. Our class activities are interrelated, and skills are not taught in isolation but in a meaningful context using methods and materials appropriate to the needs and interests of preschool children.


We also offer after-school care and after-school transportation.

Children's Center Director: Linda Stafford

Phone: (813) 689-8385 ext. 233


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