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The church exists to reach those that are far from God.  That's why we think its really important to invest and invite others to join us at Limona Village Chapel.


That most people took their first step of faith because somebody either invited them to church or took the time to invest in their lives.  That's why we think that investing and inviting is a huge part of who we are as followers of Jesus Christ.  Who are you investing your life in?  Who have you invited to church lately? 



Grab lunch with someone. We all have to eat.  Why not make it a habit to share lunch with someone who doesn't know God. Go to lunch with a co-worker.  Invite the neighbors over for dinner.  Sit with new kids at school lunch.  Avoid hanging out with just Christians.


Be a regular.  Instead of hopping around to different gas stations, grocery stores, and restaraunts  go to the same places at the same time.  Get to know the staff.  Ask questions.  Be a regular.  Build relaitonships.  Local businesses are a great place to do this.


Hobby.  Got a hobby?  Paintballing,  hunting, skateboarding, scrapbooking, quilting, sports?  Whatever your hobby might be get out and do it with others.  Invite others to join you in your hobby.  Build community outside the four walls of the church.


Talk to your coworkers. Be intentional about your conversations at work.  Pick four co-workers and pray for them.  Form a mom's group in your neighborhood and don't make it exclusively Christian.  Grab some friends and go to McDonald's together after school once a week.  Build relationships with people you work and play with every day!


Volunteer.  Find a local non-profit in your community and serve once a month.  Invite your neighbors, friends or co-workers to join you as you volunteer.  Don't go alone bring others along.


Participate in the community.  Get involved in your community.  Attend fundraisers, festivals, cleanups, summer shows and concerts.  Get out of the house and meet new people.  Strike up conversations.  Study your culture.  Pray for your community. Love your community.


Be a front porch neighbor.   Help a neighbor raking leaves, weeding, or mowing.  Stop by the apartment office and ask if their is anything you can do to help spruce up the place.  Move the chairs from the backyard to the front yard.  Walk around your neighborhood - it's good for you and you might meet new friends.


Take the opportunity to see a friend or family members life changed by inviting them to church this weekend.

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