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Did you know that nearly sixty thousand children are experiencing food insecurity in Hillsborough County?

You can help! We're partnering with local elementary schools to provide evening and weekend meals for hungry kids.

Take this bag home with you and fill it with some of the kid-friendly food items listed below, then drop it off at a designated location. We'll take care of sorting the food and delivering it

to kids and families right here in our community.

Thank you for helping us feed the kids!

Breakfast Items:

- Cereal bars, breakfast bars

- Packets of oatmeal, grits

- Boxes of cereal (any size)

Snack Items:

- Fruit cups, pudding cups

- Dried fruit, granola bars

- Crackers, pretzels, popcorn, chips

- Goldfish, Cheez-Its, Oreos

- Fruit snacks (e.g., Welch's)

- Cups of applesauce

- Boxed drinks (e.g., CapriSun)

Lunch & Dinner Items:

- 1lb bags of rice and pasta

(incl. yellow rice, Rice-a-Roni)

- Jars of spaghetti sauce

- Mac and cheese, ramen

- Cans of soup, SpaghettiOs

(incl. Beefaroni, chili, gravy)

- Cans of chicken, tuna

- Canned vegetables

- Small jars of peanut butter

Bonus: purchase a Walmart or Publix gift card to help us fill in the gaps.

Drop Off Locations:

Limona Village Chapel UMC (408 Limona Rd)


You can support Pack a Sack with a financial gift.

$1 = one meal for a hungry belly!

To make a financial gift, click the button below,

select "Pack a Sack" in the drop-down menu,

and enter your payment info. It's that easy!

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