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Another Great Week

Another great week at LVC!! I love watching God at work through you people like you! I want to start off this week's email by thanking everyone that helped out at the Youth Yard Sale. We had some wonderful ladies help us price (Sharon, Delores, Pam and Judi), Les did a great job with the BBQ, and the students stepped up and sold a ton of stuff!!! We made just over $900 when all was said and done. That will help us begin to renovate the youth room. This week has also been a difficult week for many of our church family. Let's please keep the following in our prayers this week: Les Rawson (lost his mom this week), Angela Dionne (lost her dad this week), Kenny Luster (was in the hospital this week), Gram (lost her son this week) and Lee Osburn (lost his sister last week). Let's keep these precious folks in our prayers as they mourn, travel and recuperate. Looking ahead. This Sunday we wrap up Tell Someone by talking about being a closer - it's not enough to tell someone you also have to ask someone! We will look at that familiar passage from Matthew 28:18-20 together. Also, if you are interested in going to the Children's Home on April 1st make sure you sign up this week at the Welcome Table. What a blessing it is to be your pastor. Thank you for the opportunity to lead and I look forward to worshipping together this Sunday! Don't Tell Someone!

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