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What is General Conference?

The General Conference of The United Methodist Church (UMC) is a quadrennial (every four years) gathering of clergy and lay delegates who have been elected by their Annual Conference to make important decisions for the denomination. It is the only body that can set official policy for the United Methodist Church. An updated version of The Book of Discipline is published after each quadrennial gathering. From April 23 to May 3, a total of 862 delegates from across the world will gather in Charlotte, NC to participate in General Conference 2024. Will join us in praying over these delegates?

Dear God: we pray for our elected delegates to General Conference, for their safe travels, and for their prayerful discernment and decision-making at this important gathering. We pray that, in all things, their work will bring honor and glory to your name and help us in our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Amen.

At Limona Village Chapel, we want you to be informed and to have the best information possible about General Conference. You can trust that the resources found on this page are unbiased, well-vetted, and come from reputable sources. If you have a question about General Conference, you may submit it in writing to Pastor Bailey here. Our plan is to post answers to your frequently asked questions below.

General Conference Resources - What is the General Conference? (here and here) - A Beginner's Guide to General Conference (here) - How are Decisions Made at General Conference? (here) - The Expectations for General Conference 2024 (here) - Looking Ahead to General Conference 2024 (here) - General Conference 2024 Resource Page (here) - The Book of Discipline 2016 Online Version (here)
Florida Conference - General Conference Briefing (register here)

What Legislation is Being Considered?

Hundreds of proposals are submitted for consideration by General Conference every four years. These proposals are considered and refined by committees, then brought to the floor for debate and a vote. Each major development from General Conference typically consists of several proposals which might be packaged together or considered separately. Most measures require a simple majority vote (50%) for approval. Most constitutional amendments require a two-thirds majority vote (66%) and ratification by two-thirds (66%) of all annual conference delegates for approval. We have highlighted three of the "major proposals" being considered for adoption below. - What to Know about General Conference Proposals (here) - View All Proposed Legislation (here)

Major Proposal #1 - Budget Reductions - What's New for GC 2024 Part 1: The Budget (here) - Amid Church Losses, Proposed Budget Slashed (here)

Major Proposal #2 - Regionalization - What is Regionalization? (here) - Values and Purpose of Regionalization (here) - What is the Christmas Covenant? (here)

Major Proposal #3 - Revised Social Principles - View the Current Social Principles (here) - United Methodist Revised Social Principles (here)

Frequently Asked Questions

News from General Conference - Church in Africa Gets Two More Bishops, New Map (here) - Delegates Pray after Charlotte Shooting (here) - General Conference Reduces Requested Giving (here) - Full Communion with Episcopalians Gets Closer (here) - 40-Year Ban on Gay Clergy Struck Down (
     View Bishop Tom Berlin's Response Video (here)

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