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The mission of Limona Village Chapel is to love God, love

people, engage our world and grow in our faith. 

At Limona Village Chapel, our mission and vison have never wavered. We continue to strive to strengthen and serve our community during this time of navigating through the final stages of the COVID pandemic and guidelines. 

With much prayer, conversation, and preparation, we are now conducting in-person worship on Sundays at 9:30AM and 10:45AM. When we gather, it will not be the same as it was before. 

When planning to attend in-person, here are a few things to keep in mind. We continue to adhere to social distancing of six feet between family groups.  And secondly, face mask wearing is now optional.

If you have a question about something or you have forgotten a guideline; our ushers and greeters are happy to clarify and assist you as best they can.

Our clergy, staff and COVID-19 team continue to provide guidance, support, care, and quality worship services and learning events throughout the week. Again, we thank you for your prayers and your abundance of patience. We are all navigating this time together. Our guidelines continue to change as case levels change.



If You Can't Join Us In-Person, Join Us Online.


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 Safe, Happy and Together! This is the goal for Limona Village Chapel as we have returned to in-person worship!  Our protocol has been carefully and thoughtfully put together by your COVID-19 Task force. Even though we are uncertain of the future and the trajectory of COVID-19; we continue to recognize our responsibly is to be careful, diligent, and prayerful in this work with the goal of providing a worship experience where no harm is done, and attendees feel safe. 

The following guidelines could become less or greater as time moves forward. We ask that you carefully read each guideline and then prayerfully consider if you can submit to them before joining us for in-person worship.

Who SHOULD Come?

  • People who are well (no recent contact with infected persons, not exhibiting flu-like symptoms)

  • Clergy, Worship Team

  • People who feel it is the right time for their family

  • People who are willing to wear a mask and social distance until such a time they are not necessary.

Who Should CONSIDER Staying Home?

  • Children under 2 years of age

  • Elderly at risk

  • People who live in a nursing home or long care facility

  • People with underlying medical conditions including, but not limited to the following:

    • Chronic lung disease, Asthma or Compromised Immune Systems

    • People with severe obesity, people with diabetes, undergoing cancer treatments, bone marrow/heart transplant, chronic kidney disease, liver disease or undergoing dialysis.

Who MUST stay home?

  • People who are experiencing any flu like symptoms

  • People who have been exposed to COVID-19

  • People who have a fever of 100.4 or greater in past 24 hours

  • People who have traveled outside of the country in the past 14 days

  • People who have a sick family member at home

How to PREPARE to come to church

  • Consider if you are well enough to come and not putting yourself or others at risk

  • Choose to attend one service or the other so everyone can attend

  • Go to the restroom before you leave your home

  • Wash your hands before you leave your home

  • Make sure you have a cloth mask that covers nose and mouth

  • Make sure you have a small bottle of hand sanitizer

  • Make sure you are ready to follow our guidelines – if you are not able to follow these guidelines, we ask that you stay home until you are able to, or they are lifted

  • 9:30 am attendees will park in Victoria Street Parking lot only and enter through North doors to Fellowship hall only

  • 10:45 am attendees will park on Limona Road Parking lot only and enter through South doors to Sanctuary only

When you ARRIVE at church

  • Starting June 1st.,  face masks will but be optional, BUT Social Distancing will still be in-place.

  • June 1st. all can sing with or without wearing masks

  • While on church property please keep a 6 ft distance from one another at all times (please don’t shake hands, give hugs or high fives)

  • Sit only in appropriate marked seats (please don’t move signs or chairs as they have been placed where they are to follow CDC guidelines)

  • Please refrain from using restroom unless absolutely necessary and then it will only be one person/family at a time

  • Cover all coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use the inside of the elbow

What we have done to PREPARE for your arrival

  • All surfaces cleaned and disinfected as recommended by the CDC prior to your arrival and after your departure

  • Sanitizing stations at entrances

  • Masks on hand for those who need and/or want them

  • Communion will be done with servers wearing masks and gloves

  • Choir/worship and communicators will be no less than 12 feet away from congregants

  • Removal of all coffee and food items (you may bring your own drink, but we ask that you refrain from bringing food)

  • Offering baskets & Connect Cards have been placed in offering boxes at the rear of sanctuary to avoid handling.

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