It's not enough to just follow Jesus; we must help others discover and follow Him too.


My next step is to attend Essentials 4.0.  This is an 4-week course that is designed to equip me to share my faith with those around me.  This course is offered three times a year.  


Here at LVC we have many opportunities to lead.  We have administrative teams like Staff Parrish, Trustees, and Finance. and we have Ministry Teams like Worship, Children & Youth, and Reach.   My next step is to join a team and possibly lead a team.  


As I grow my next step is to live my life on mission seeing my own backyard as my mission field. The following resources will help you to live missionally.  


Now that I am equipped to share my faith my next step is to faithfully practice sharing my faith with those around me and I choose to do this because this is what Jesus has asked me to do.  So out of love for Jesus I will share my faith and let my pastor and others know how it's going.

Sharing your faith is no joke and we are so excited to hear about how living on mission is going.  Tell us about it.

Next Step...

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