Volunteer regularly

We believe that volunteering regularly helps us become better disciples of Jesus - because growing in faith takes practice! Whether you enjoy packing meals with Pack a Sack, leadings kids at Children's Church, or changing light bulbs, we've got something for you to do! How is God calling you to serve with us?

Empower others

True leaders empower others. Instead of holding onto power, they give it away. It should be the same way with the church. How can we empower others to feed the hungry, heal the sick, and proclaim release to the captives? Exercise your leadership muscles with this reading list:

Participate in Vision Days


Our ministry teams help us love God, love people, engage our world, and grow in faith. Every quarter, they get together for a Vision Day to worship, pray, and plan ahead for the future. We'd love to see you at our next Vision Day gathering! This is a great opportunity to serve God, build your leadership skills, and dream about the future.

Share your story

Sharing your story can be challenging. It takes honesty, vulnerability, and courage. Our stories have the power to transform hearts and minds for the better. Are you ready to share your story? Send Pastor Bailey an email using the link below.


Leading others to experience friendship with God is a gift that keeps on giving. Thanks for partnering with us in this work! Check out your next step:

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