it's time to be an influencer and lead others through their next steps.



My next step is to sign up for Essentials 5.0.  This course is a 6-month intense gathering that meets one Saturday a month for six months.  The purpose of this course is to consider what it means to be an influencer in the community and the world.  This course is offered twice a year and is limited in space.

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My next step is to pick a book from the attached book list and read it with another person; getting together once a week to discuss what we are reading and discovering about God and my faith journey.


My next step is to become a Lay Servant in the United Methodist Church.  Lay servants serve the local church in numerous ways to inspire laity to a deeper level of commitment to Christ.  This involves a basic class and a more advanced class offered through our district.

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My next step is to take all that I have discovered in the previous steps and put them all together and live my life intentionally on mission at home, work, in my community and the world.  I will also be intentional about walking with others through the Next Steps Strategy.


In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus called us all to be an influencer in the lives of those who are spiritually disconnected from Him.  It is our hope that you now feel equipped to go and make more followers of Jesus Christ teaching them how to be an influencer just like you!