This team creates a warm and friendly environment



The Hospitality Team is responsible for making all who walk in our doors feel welcome and at home.  If you like to smile and love people this is a great team for you.


  • Smiling

  • Making people feel welcome

  • Meeting new people

  • Greeting

  • Creating fun and welcoming environments

Greeter Team

The Greeter Team is one of the most important teams we have.  This team sets the tone for the rest of the morning as they man our front doors and greet attenders and guests with a big smile and a warm heart.  

Usher Team

If you like to help people the Usher Team might be a great team for you.  Our ushers welcome our attenders, hand out worship folders, help people find a seat, answer questions, and help with offering and communion.

Safety Team

The Safety Team is largely responsible for the safety of everyone during our Sunday Morning Worship Services.  This includes parking lot safety, first-aid, and overall safety of the campus.

Follow Up Team

Our Follow Up Team helps our guests feel welcome by following up with them during the week after they visit with us.  

Wednesday Night Team

This team helps create a fun and inviting environment during our Wednesday Night Dinner.  If you enjoy helping in the kitchen, setting up for dinner, or cleaning up after dinner this could be a great team for you.