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Practice generosity

We believe that giving generously and living generously go together. When you support the mission and ministry of the church financially, you help us create engaging worship experiences, meet real needs in our community, and provide a clean, safe, and affordable learning environment for our preschoolers.

Learn something

Luke 2:52 says that Jesus "grew in wisdom and stature." Like Jesus, we are called to learn and grow, too - and we do that by growing deep roots and wild branches. With deep roots and wild branches, we are nourished in our faith and empowered to share it with others. Learn more by clicking the link below!

Participate in classes and studies


We offer many classes, Bible studies, and book studies throughout the year. Whether you're learning how to read the Bible for the first time or you're looking to brush up on your theories of atonement, we've got something for you! These classes and studies help us become better followers of Jesus and better stewards of the gospel.

Grow in faith

In the Methodist tradition, we talk about "assurance," which means growing in the confidence that God loves us, that God is faithful to us, and that God is drawing us into friendship with God and each other. Joining a community group or Bible Study is a great way to grow in faith!


Great job! We believe that growing deep roots and wild branches is what following Jesus looks like! Check out your next step:

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