I am new to church and I am currently exploring God, my faith, and church.



My next step is to attend Discover LVC.  This is a one hour gathering with the pastor to talk about who Limona Village Chapel is as a church including it's mission, vision and values.  This gathering is held on Sunday afternoon's every other month.  


My next step is to attend Essentials 1.0.  This is an 8-week course that focuses on the what it means to be a Christian or the basics of Christianity.  This course is offered three times a year.  


My next step is to attend worship on a regular basis.  As I begin my journey at Limona Village Chapel I realize that I need to attend worship as often as I can so I can discover more about the LVC and it's people.  I recognize that worship is not enough and I must take other steps also.


My next step is to find a place to serve.  There is something about serving alongside others that helps me to get to know the church better.  I will find a place to serve once a month.  I could be an usher, a greeter, join the choir, or help in the kitchen.  


Congratulations on exploring your faith.  We want to help you explore God, your faith and our church.  Please let us know if we can help!

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