This team attends to the business side of the church



The Administrative Team tends to the business end of the church.  This team helps in three main areas: Finance, Staff-Parish, and Trustees.


  • Organizing 

  • Finances & budgets

  • Decision making

  • Human resources

Finance Team

The Finance Team helps oversee the finances of the church.  This includes budgeting, taxes, profit/loss, and spending.  

Staff-Parish Team

Staff-Parish oversees all things pertaining to the staff of our church.  This includes hiring, evaluations, and termination when necessary.  

Trustees Team

Our Trustees are responsible for making decisions about the property of the church including our buildings, our property, and land.  

Nominations Team

This team is responsible for identifying and creating leaders within the church.  This teams meets 2-3 times a year to identify leaders and make recommendations to the Church Leadership Board.